Friday, October 24, 2008

Fishing failure

Since I've been having some more time lately after turning in the thesis, I wanted to go fishing again. The weather finally cleared up on the 17th of October, and with 2 hours of sunlight left in the afternoon I was about to grab my new 9" rod and head for one of my favorite locations - Odense Å near Stige Ø.
But to my dismay I had forgotten that the fishing regulations prohibits fishing from the 1st of October to the first friday of March (see image below)...

The Nikon was along though, so I managed to grab a few shots.
The photo at the top is the "warm-water basin" near the power plant "Fynsværket". I haven't tried fishing there yet, but there seems to fish in it.
Below is the view from the top of Stige Ø back towards Odense.

I'll be back soon - fishies you be warned!

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